Mortality , Wind and Growers

As we progress through our lives towards it’s inevitable conclusion we become increasingly aware of our Own Mortality. Primarily  because those to whom we are closest start to “Shuffle off this mortal coil”. Friday I lost my Best Mate / Friend / Confidant to cancer, we are just a few months different in age and had been friends for the better part of FIFTY Years. Never had a crossed word .. We must have spent years “Putting the world to rights” and we were both of the attitude we could always agree to differ if at any point we had to!. I have a thousand and one stories I could tell and many more memories of one of the nicest (if not the nicest ) men  I have ever had the pleasure to have met. Although I saw him recently and he was obviously very ill , whenever I close my eyes to to contemplate our friendship , I see a scruffy haired “teenager” disappearing off in to the distance on a motorbike . And I smile 🙂  Thank you Gary for being my friend ..

My love goes out to his Wife and children who i am sure will miss him even more than me.


Our weekend was Windy , Very windy the sort that comes up our hill so fast you dont have to shave. However as we have had this weather before and because we have everthing is battened down in preparation subsequently we lost nothing No roof, No sheds , No anything .

We have set about lining the goaty weaning hut with the ply crates we get from a supplier in wellington. and have put the earth in place on the roof for the seedum/grass natural covering for it. And a few breeze blocks as steps for easier access.

The Piggies ( 3 boys  [now castrated] 3 Girls ) are growing at an astonishing rate and running around like headless chickens. ( we will post a video on our facebook page ) But all are healthy and even the boys look happy despite the ordeal of having their nuts removed. CoCo is also becoming much less aggressive in her demeanor in fact she is positivly smiling .

Dont forget to check our facebook page later in the week to see the piggies playing .

Oh yes we have started to embed a map of where we are so you can come and visit.

Oh yes this time last year [THIS WAS GOING  ON]

Chat soon M&M

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