Desiree , Runners & an odd form of transport

Well what a strange weekend , It went from Dust bowl to Mud bath .. However much was achieved and many little jobs completed. Ongoing ones progressed and a trip to exeter for a friend to pick up this !!! Not for us I hasten to add for the Family Dibble . It is as it appears a 6 person 8 wheeled bike .. Yep Barking Mad.


Meanwhile back at the Ranch  We have done a heap of Planting in the Fruti-tutti Cage. ( im still laboriously stitching the roof on ) but Runners are in the brassicas are in We are about a month behind because of the Avian Flu. But we are hoping for a “Indian Summer”

I started the Spud Mounds ( Late crop ) Desiree and Majestics , Its just as well I did not choose Technical drawing for a living as I cannot even “Fluke” a Straight Line 🙂

We did a whole heap of Strimming and brush cutting the weekend , the nettles were 4 feet tall in the field that cumin ,eric and ernie are in but if you cut them down they will happily eat them, Also strimmed the cross site gully leading down to the “sunset Strip” which was just as well as it tipped it down on sunday and the rushing wtaer took all before it.

Cumin was unimpressed by the noise and tried his best to ignore it .


We moved the Pigs about Coco has gone to the top to Farrow Tamsin has moved down one paddock. Which means the Piglets are now in the “BOG”  with their dad Gyorgy.

I get Mugged By goats

Goatie McGoatface web_DSCF0304

Happy McPigface


New Concrete Garage arrived to house the generator and other stuff

Goslings are a growing

Im at work and Busy so I have to leave it here will update some more later.

The ferns in the pond area are spectacular as is Gunnera manticara


Map Below Why Not come and see us all ?

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