Well there is a turn up for the Books !

My goodness a UK Bank holiday that was the best for 50 years 🙂  which means I should be able to remember the last one ( But I don’t )

We spent a good deal of the weekend on mission to tidy up where the cabin will eventually go when TDB Council finally get a handle on our Full Planning for “Temporary” Farm work Accommodation. We made the undeniable mistake of assuming that if it was “Agricultural ” then  ONE applied under an agricultural permission .. Well NO apparently NOT as this means they only take £80.00 off you , Its much better to take £380.00 off you as “full Planning”.

Ho hum Play the Game and Move ON 🙂

We secluded the Weaners from CoCo this weekend as we have people who want 4 of the five coming this week. In order to this we put up a temporary fence in Tamsins area in the hope we could keep them apart and CoCo locked out of the way whilst we locked the little ones in the shed. As it transpired it was a waste of energy as she just walked under it . but by then we had done the deed and all was well.But we did barricade the door to stop her getting back in 🙂

We have also set about the New turkey tower. It like its predecessor is cobbled together from the large pallets from wellington and crates from the same town. and also like the other one it has had to be “dug in” to the hillside and built up at one corner to level it out.


The weatherstone was 100% correct (*__*) dry and sunny DSCF0813

Martina took a wander down to Micks wood and returned with juicy blackberries and some Cob nuts .. Freeze one dry the other .

Oh yes I was lucky enough to catch Two Birds Sunbathing :-





Behave Now.


Right im off sorry its late , One its bank holiday here in the UK and Two . I got to work this morning and had to WORK. I may register a complaint about the latter .

This time last year we were doing [ THIS ]  and the year before [ THIS ]  enjoy

Chat soon , M&M

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