Turkey Towers II. And finding ways to keep busy in Downpours.

From the Sublime to the ridiculous in a week , Last Bank hol weekend Beautiful This weekend Grim , Sunday was a total washout.

Martina has been using her favorite tool ( Biskey ) and tidying up the side of the road, We used this subsoil to make the floor level in the NEW Turkey  Tower.

So the NEW turkey tower is a close facsimile of the first one All made from re-cycled pallets and crates , we have Moved the young Poults in to it and the Parents are now back in the original. So I get my Pollytunnel back WHooopie !!

The G2 Greenhouse is covered with Blue Pumpkin its taking over !!! and G1 is full of our budding Empress trees. They were struggling from last years seedlings however they must love it in there as they have grown exponentially.

Like I mentioned Sunday was foul , So I spent some time stripping the Goat shed ( where the weaners had been till they all went this week ) and the rest re-cycling stuff in my workshop. I broke the handle on our Pick a while ago , the most part of  it was solid so I have used it to make a new Chopper .

We also had an old Double man Saw just lying around , ( Like they would have used back in the day to cut the wood we made our barn from . Before the advent of huge Bandsaws and the like )  So we thought it would make a nice decoration . I have hung it on the barn wall.. We were right ..DSCF0841

We have given the Chicken house a Coat of  Stain in readiness for the onset of winter which if Sunday is anything to go by wont be long in its arrival

And we have laid out the Sheet metal sides for the Pig Pens.


Right Im off you can Find us here ( This is dead cool you can tie your address down to 3mtr squares wherever you are in the world) http://w3w.co/crusaders.overhear.warmers

This time last year we were doing [THIS]   and the year before  [ THIS ]      OK  Bye Bye . Chat soon M&M


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