Strange Week ,Vloggers, freebies . And an awayday ! Well half of a day :)

As you are aware we like things we get for nothing, well this weeks been good if not uneventful , Martina and I went to wellington to pick up a garden shed we found being offered for free. We duly turned up to find that the Nice woman who was disposing of it ( as she is moving ) is a You tube Video blogger  . She does cooking videos. We suddenly became an integeral part of one about her making Tacos. She was loverly and even gave us tea in a box to take with us . She is barking bonkers … WE LIKED HER.  [ Here is the said VLOG ]  Check it out she is really nice.

Here is the shed on the trailer we will erect it when Cumin and Eric and Ern vacate the adjoining field

rsz_dscf0866Talking  Trailers we had an important job for Tommy on Sunday as we have secured a supply of Cider apple mulch from a local Cider Farm [ Link here ] All the animals love it The pigs just gorged themselves and spent the afternoon drunk / farting and asleep 🙂

Martina has been busy giving the front gate a coat of creosote to keep it looking good through the winter.


And she has started taking cuttings so the greenhouse is gradually filling up


Third freebee of the week was a new trailer ( YES I know it looks like a caravan ) but shortly it will be our new trailer. it has a galvanised chassis good brakes and all the road lights are in order. We again got it free from a farm just down the road called ” the dragons lair” from two more barking mad people. who were doing the same sort of thing as us but her bent is herbs and stuff cos she is a “veggie”. That does NOT stop and aging Carnivore like me relieving them of anything that can be of use.. It is a dutch make of van so I am looking for suggestions of a Good Dutch name for the resulting Trailer.


We have set about the top barn now it has been vacated by Coco ready for the job it was intended to do ( goats ) we will be laying a floor in the next week or so.rsz_dscf0851 The concrete slabs that we intend to use for this are heavy and I dont want to do myself a mischief so I had a sack truck lying around but no wheels . This will make my old friend Gazza chuckle ( if you can chuckle in the afterlife )  I have fitted two old Wheelchair wheels ( they were old and perished but solid ) they have worked a treat , only took me ten minutes (would have taken Garry days as he had a propensity to over engineer everything ) .rsz_dscf0867

As a bonus we have a random picture of marauding turkey poults and very menacing they look too rsz_dscf0855

Oh yes and we had half a day off to visit the Self Build Show in Westpoint Exeter. Which frankly was nowhere near as good as the last time we went .

This time last year we were doing [THIS]  the year before we were doing [THIS]  

And three years ago we had just agreed the purchase of the land [ HERE ]


Right thats it for now . hope to chat soon M&M

If you want to come and see us we are [HERE]


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