The Consuls , Happy Goatlings and Water

We acquired some chickens from the Bristol veterinary college where they had been undergoing some Behavioural observations ( We are paying for this ! Student watching Chickens Behaviour ???? WTF ) I could have saved them and ultimately us ( The tax payer ) a bloody fortune . Chickens they eat ! they Deficate ! they Lay Eggs !  there you go how much money could have been saved with a phone call.. Any way they we a bit scruffy and this was not helped by me sticking them in a a trailer and screaming down the Motorway.

They are “Hi line ” Chickens hence the name Consuls ( after the car ) and If you have any idea what I’m waffling about Consul / Hi-Line etc. I will Guess your age 🙂 . Anyway I will post a video on our Farcebook Page as these girls Sing ( Like a chorus line ) it is Most bizzare.DSCF2334

They are being acclimatised in the Run before being let out to roam the fields and get to mingle with the cockerels That will be a new experience for them as they have spent the first 18  months of their lives in a cage and the last two be stalked by students.

The 3/4 week old kids have been given their freedom of the top paddock and We have built them a Play Station to keep them amused They just love it ( again check F/Book for a video.

We have several large (1200+ liters )  Water tanks around the site to keep water stored for plants animals and eventually us. Well Martina and I moved one this weekend so it is closer to “DJ” to keep the contents of it nourished and with a hose will do the greenhouses as well , In the interim we have put a 220 liter barrel there as a stop gap.

The Last of the Goslings are growing well and are slowly integrating with the pack.

The Turkey Poults are finally out of the kitchen and in their new home ( Just in time for the next ones , who have started the weekend to appear )

Big Bird and and Puff ball are still showing the chicks the ropes.

We have had 8 new Kids this friday ( which is a substantial drop from the week before . but they are now in the caravan and some of the larger ones have been sent to the barn.

And its the last week for the Weaners , Though they clearly don’t know that 🙂


This week in 2016 we were doing [THIS]

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