Why I Hate Mr FOX !

This is the remnants of a £65 ( 74.00 Euro ) Bourbon Turkey that Mr fox took in broad daylight saturday. We have a hundred and one chickens that are worth next to nothing and Bantams that are worth less than that ( if that is possible ) BUT NO lets rock up and chew the head of our prized Breeding Stock……. B’stard ….DSCF2420

Martina and I Have finished ( all bar the electric fencer ) the New bottom paddock so everyone can move down one . It is a bloody wilderness , but goats will demolish it in NO time at all.

The rescued then returned Goslings have fitted back in to the group of Toulouse’s and if anything seem to determine where the group heads.

The reception center ( Caravan ) is Now empty as we did not pick up any boys this week from Leslie , they should be arriving today. So the goats that were in the caravan are now in the Barn and a heap of the barn dwellers have moved down to the paddock. They love it.

The miss Ellie whilst being a frigging noisy cantankerous bitch does take a great picture… DSCF2408

One of the bonuses of being on a north west facing hill is…… You get sunsets like this. Awesome just Awesome.


Our first summer was spent like [ this in June 2015  ]


Right chat again SOON  M&M

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