Ikkle Bunny Wunnies , Goslings,m and stuff growing.

We have some little gooses ready for sale they are up on the top acclimatising . and loving the freedom. Will have a go at determining their sex later.

The two broody chucks are looking after the new arrivals.

The Rabbits are just a little more ” Stand Off” I have never seen her with the Ikkle ones but they are growing at some rate so I presume she is feeding them or has a direct line to “Just Eat” (*__*) !

This next few slides were going to be entitled ” Older Goats in the Brambles” However upon closer inspection I noticed Martina featured in one , NOW I am old and they dont get much USE , But I do have an afection for my Testicles ! So lets call it Martina and Her Goats 🙂 .. Yup Im chicken !!!!!

The aforementioned field needed securing as the boys just wandered in to next door and set about the neighbours hedge from the inside.

Meanwhile everything that is supposed to be Growing IS GROWING !

Any Way this time in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

And the following Year ( THIS ) was our effort for the weekend .

Right We are done , See you next week


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