green party !

NO not the green party ” A Green Party” Armed with 2 two ( Vegan ) tins of Cuprinol Martina and I pained the Livestock sheds this weekend.

We did the Turkey Towers and the Turkey Brooder hut.

We did the Geeses Chatau’s

The Chickens accomodation Egg layers / Legbars and Cornish

Grapes , Oh Lots of grapes….

And goosegogs

Other assorted vegetation in the polytunnel


just 20 days ago this lot looked like badly packed sausages now they look like Bunnies.

Martina has been in a ditching mood Again, wheresa I have benn strimming and rotorvating.

What else ? Oh I know we have some Goslings for sale 4 Embdens 1 Toulouse. I vave vented them they all appear to be femail . Not a cock in sight , Not that Im an expert but Im happy to hold them upside down while you check youself Drop us a message on here or Facebook if interested , Off heat and ready to go

Martina also tided up around DJ and planted out some of the Bamboo that we acquired from freecycle.

Oh and whilst I was sitting up on the hill the other evening with THE RATMAN this was the scene in front of us.

Awesome 🙂

Well this time 3 years ago we were doing ( THIS )

Right Sorry its Late …. Ive been really rather Busy 🙂


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