Tutti-FRUTTI , All Roofy

All Martinas hard work cropping and potting fruit trees last autum are begining to ” Bare Fruit” LITERALLY. and as there is plentiful I have decided to protect all the contents of tutti frutti with a roof/top. its a big old cage 50 feet by 45 ( 15mts x 14 ) and after purchasing the netting I have spent a huge part of the weekend involved if Blanket stitch ( apart from the fact its not a blanket )

To confirmit has been worth the endevour , the bushes are hanging with berries.

If I ever EVER say that Deep littering the Goats over the winter seems like a good Idea , You may take me somewhere out of sight and beat to within an inch of my life with a spade. As the GRAFT involved in getting it out of the barn involves a lot of hard work and contributed to Me and Martina having a fall out.

Our BABY WABBITS are putting on a serious growth spurt. wont be long till they will be off.

In “DJ” everything is sprouting in to life and some stuff is ready to be decanted to the veggie patch.

Oh and those who are regular followers of this rambling diatribe. You will be familiar with story of the ” Footlands Propper” well ours will be throwing out some very familiar apples this year….

This time in 2016 we were DOING THIS

Right Bye Bye for Now chat Soon M&M

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