The benefits of going “Private”

We have turkeys doing something they have not done before , Going broody ! So we now have a Maternity unit set up in one of the turkey towers..

However if you “Go Private” you get your own room 🙂

YES She is Tiered Tyre – ed

We have some newbies this week in the form of 3 British Alpine ( cannot help thinking British and Alpine does not sound right. in the same was as neither does Dutch Mountains ) they are the Black n White ones and 2 x Sannen X Guernsey. They are as cute as and a beautiful colour.

Martinas favorite place colloquially known as “Tutti Fruti” is a busy old place all the fruit bushes are hanging with berry’s God only knows how many strawberries there are but its many more than Ive seen before. same goes for the black/red/white currants literally hanging. we have added some Sweetcorn and some climbing french beans this weekend, to see how they go.

I have a Kitchen full of birds and my missus dont care ! How many men can get away with that line ?

As we are only keeping Lady Goats for us to milk we have a few to many so we are going to sell Annette and Claudette they are a yearlings only a few weeks apart theough its easy to tell who the PIG is. Offers taken

We finally got the bottom of the Goat dung in the Top Barn its been a long time since we saw the floor…. NO MORE ” Deep Litter” FOR US ..

Right for those who like Nostalgia this time in 2015 we were doing THIS Where as in 2017 we were doing THIS

Right Im orf . Be GOOD if NOT be careful M&M

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