YOU Cannot trust goats!

I Love them  Goats I mean. but if you leave them alone for the blink of an eye. they will be up to something. I had been clearing New growth from the electric fencing as it was arcing out. when I got back the bottom goats in cumins old field , they had either taken advantage of the wind blowing down a tree OR they had found a way to pull it down, either way my efforts to curtail the arcing was being hampered by a branch across the wire.

We had a bit of a tidy up up at the top , I do have an entrance to my workshop 🙂  and the area where the rabbits live has been tackled by Martina.  

love this time of year as everything grows at a terrific rate. Including sadly DOCKS I wonder if I could convince Hugh Fernley Whittingggggstalllllll that Stewed Dock was the ” Next big thing” I would have some moneys worth here I can tell you. That aside the cover that we planted to disguise the Pig Bog ( Mostly Withy but a smattering of beech birch and alder is growing ferociously and even the bog is starting to look green

 The Veggies are also coming on .

As is the Verginia Creeper on the barn hard to believe they were foot long cuttings from my parents old cottage just 18 months ago.

t in a pisser this week with a ebay supplier fitted a new 60w heatlamp and within a couple of hours it literally exploded. I had bought 2 so rather than risk it we put the other bulb in a different lamp only for that to fail after half an hour. Grrrrr

  Guess what we are doing next weekend (*__*)

Right must go Busy Busy !

This time last year we were doing ( THIS )

whereas in 2015 it was THIS

Bye Bye 4 NOW 🙂   M&M 

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