Wet ‘n’ Windy with sunny spells! was forecast

That was pretty much what we got JUST not MANY sunny spells ;-(

 Friday as normal is feed run day involves a trip to Mole Valley Farmers then a few hours mixing the bought stuff with our own Milled grain. I humped a load of the fencing posts down to do the bottom ( and last of the top section ) paddock. BUT then the heavens opened.

Did the rounds of the electric fencing and snipped off and touching flora and forna causing a short. The Big Boys are making a great job of clearing the brambles for the field next to micks Wood.

The New Zealand Whites are growing at a terrific rate wont be long till they either get sold or eaten.

 have some new neighbours Not 100% sure but they appear to be Cattle of some sort 🙂  ( Not really a cow person )

there is a good old oak in the dividing hedge twixt us and our neighbour , its a gnarly old thing and it has a bird box attached , NOT by us but my best guess is that it has not been there as long as the tree. not even sure if its residents are Biirds or Squirrels.

The field that we topped last month is already a foot high in grazing and full of many types of wild meadow grasses.

whereas the last corner where I was hoping to fence the weekend is like a scene from Jurassic park

The Virgina creeper is filling out , this time August we wont be able to see the barn.

And you know the expression ” Butter wouldn’t Melt”  Well one of these little lovely’s is chewing their way through a New teat every day.  They do it by chewing at the back of the mouth where they have opposing teeth.

  Right I have to go now will chat soon. 

But this time in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

Ta Ta fer now . M&M

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