Scrub clearance .. New faces . and the return of ronda………

The forlorn hope we were going to get some fencing around the last remaining paddock in the top half of the property was somewhat curtailed by the need to clear a path in order to see where to put the fence posts. We are talking 7 feet high nettles and other weeds made it quite a daunting task and quite time consuming. So I effectively spent most of Saturday and in between showers on Sunday just strimming. Included in the work w\as clearing underneath the electric fencing as the grass has grown so quickly its arcing everywhere.

Ronda ( the Honda ) got dusted off and a nice new throttle cable. then was set to work munching docks and cutting the grass.

OH  yes the Ducks are back in the BOG..

There are times when I think it must be great to be a goat on our little farmstead, lush green grass interspersed with Buttercups ( shame they don’t like buttercups) , As I spent most of the weekend walking up and down the plot they just follow on the off chance I will throw them a treat.

Im not sure if you are aware that Goats will eat just about anything, that includes Bark on trees as high as they can reach. Im not sure how these trees are still alive.

The Goslings have left the Kitchen.. We have knocked up a home for them between the chateau’s  so they don’t feel alone.

her new arrivals were Goatlings . a couple were a little timid but the British Alpine is stark staring bonkers and just wants to cuddle .

 and the Black Currants are nearly cooked. the Red gooseberrys are not far away. the redcurrants are a little behind. 

Well that’s us done for this week . this time in 2015 we were doing (This )  

Bye-Bye for NOW.. M and M

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