Maundown Murders !

Like Midsomer Murders only No people Die.

Docks !!! I have Had my fill of them So a large part of my weekend was murdering a whole field full of them. Turning This :-

To THIS :-

With a little help from This :-

Martina and I set about making a new home for the New Zealand Rabbits. as the young were nearly as big as Mum. So we made a new home for mum and dad and then split the boys and girls up.

Our Fruit is starting to ripen, Martina spent an hour reliving a couple of bushes of fruit and it totalled over 2 kilos. and we still have about 40+ bushes to go..

So martina made a kilo into jam ( to go with the Rhubarb jam that she made earlier in the week Mmmmmm.

  We have two broodies in the van at present they have a couple of chicks each. it didn’t start out that way its just the Cornish in the top cage lost one through the cage and mum2 just adopted it.

Any way this time last year we were doing this

Whereas in 2015 we were doing This

Right Im off again Chat again next Week .. Ta Ta 4 Now.. M&M

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