Mundane Maundown

Most of the weekend has been fairly mundain but these are the jobs that have to be done to keep the farm running in fine fettle. Things Like mucking out , cleaning , disinfecting. All take time but are a necessary evil. There are of course other minor things ie. fixing stuff that is seized or broken , watering plants etc. we just do them as a matter of course.

our two ( now not so little ) little  goslings have been adopted but the famille Toulouse and are even getting overly protective

  When I come back I wanna come as a PIG  what a stressfull existence ……………

Moved the youngest from the reception center to the barn on the weekend . they are loving the freedom..

 Everyone Loves Summer here on Der Bauernhof is no different. everything is Blooming and producing Martina has been wandering around taking pictures.

The Meadow that I topped last month is unrecognisable . The grass is Lush and long

And the Boys are continuing their good work clearing the brambles..

The Ram lambs are getting fat Mmmmm

 Got go now as Im busy.. So will update soon. Oh yes tomorrow is the big day with the Planning Appeal … Whish us luck.. 

Chat soon M&M

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