Specialist jobs require specialized tools.

After finishing off the netting of the tutti fruti fruit cage We set about making a cage to keep the Christmas Chickens and turkeys from wandering off. You will recall I made a Special tool from a bamboo cane to sew the netting around Tutti Fruti I have used it again to attach the netting..

 The weekend was made up of general duties , including mucking out the barn and weeding tutti fruit . Whilst important they do not make good photographs.

However My mums favourite flowers do.  Hydrangea’s . Martina has taken cuttings from wherever she can find them, as a result we have lots growing around the plot to add a bit of colour. And they vary in colour from White to Deep Blues and Pinks

 Whilst we a re on the subject of My mother , Any one who has ever been to our old family home “Footlands” will Know what these are and what it means ……….

The answer is of course SUMMER

And whilst on the subject of Footlands. The tree that was the bane  of my fathers time there ( Simply because it produced far more than you could actually consume )  that which we choose to call the ” Footlands Propper ” as it spent at least half of its life propped up by a oak gate post to stop it falling over. Ours is planted at a jaunty angle as a tribute to its heritage . But as you can see it appears to like this angle as it is producing huge quantities of apples. and I only grafted it to its rootstock three years ago.

There was a Huge Dragonfly trapped in our Netting it took an age to free it as their wings are so fragile

Anyway it was duly freed and went on its merry way.

As an aside this time in 2016 we we doing THIS.

 And in 2015 it Was THIS

Right Im Orf..  We will no doubt chat soon..


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