Gravel ! ‘N’ Steps

We had a downpour on tuesday evening , Thunder Lightning and a shed lot of rain. SO much in fact it washed road gravel and rubble down the lane up to the farmgate , down the road and in to our cross site channel/ditch. it came with such speed it blocked up the tunnel under Molly Mows Bridge to the point where it overflowed in to the field. It took Martina an age to clear it out . But it should be ok if we have more rain this week.

We have had a Weasle/ or Stoat rock up this week and kill some of this years hatchlings. However it seems to have left the older ones alone. One of the surviving Little ones is off to pastures green having been promised to our neighbour . Its a cross of some kind with a legbar for sure as she has the Nanny Hat .

Thanks go out to STU from Hinkley who donated these gurt thick patio slabs . They have been utilized on the drop from the Chicken coop to Orchard Rd. Good job too ! If find another 10 Stu I could finish it off.

We had a broody so we stuck 4 dark brown eggs under her three she hatched one she lobbed out ( Like she Knew it was infertile ) anyway the result is three White Chicks,

For the most part Excluding the Storm it has been HOT damn HOT

So Hot the Thermometer has even given up … its 30 something I Think 🙂

Any way this time in 2016 we were doing THIS

Must go now I have stuff to DO ,, Tarah


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