HI Terri

Terri is the latest addition to our homestead. Bought as a replacement for Suki ( not that she is leaving us she is just gonna be a spare and a farm workhorse ) I am NOT aloud in to this one unless Im Clean as it is really for Martina. Anyway SHE ( Terri ) is really sweet.

If you follow us regularly  you will be aware of martinas love of ditches and ponds . basically if its wet then one of three things you can wager on . Martina is either Looking to get in , IN or just got out Guess what this is the result of her attacking the Goose Pond.

 She also started attacking the Hedge around the ” Bog of eternal stench ” as it, like everything else has grown disproportionally .

 We can see the goats down the hill now. 🙂

One of the fruit trees that was NOT attacked by the geese has apples on it they are small but perfectly formed.

 Young Goats are growing well.

Do you know what Virginia Creeper  DOES ? as the name implies it CREEPS . And its creeping rather well. cant wait till it turns for Autumn .

Oh and bizarrely we took delivery of a Round bale of hay that looks like a huge Cotton Reel 🙂

And remember I was saying about the hydrangea that adorn the site well I found a few I missed and they are corkers.. All so different.

Anyway this time in 2016 We were doing  ( THIS ) 

Tara fer Now  …


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