open letter to HM Planning inspectorate

And other stuff

Dear Sirs, I would like to thank the Planning Inspectorate for their hard work and endeavours in processing our appeal with such haste. I would like to thank you for being so singularly blinkered and narrow-minded as to have total disregard for the facts put before you.

I would like to express my thanks for the total indifference for the demonstrable facts and figures presented at our recent hearing.

I would also Thank them for making and effort to do a site visit and then apparently ignoring all the obvious signs that you were on a FARM Thanks for ignoring the undisputed facts that our world whilst dominated by feeding kids is not that exclusively . Other things have to be done on farms just to keep them running.

Thanks also come from the Breeding stock who’s fate you have now sealed , Whilst there is livestock who just pass through our farmstead on their way to the table there are also Breeding stocks who are our companions Like Bowie and Bernard the Turkey Toms , Mr and Mrs Emden ,“Cock” Hudson and the hudsonettes ( The Indian Game Chicken s ) Casper the NZ White and his Missus and not forgetting Nanny’s Annette Claudette Suzette and Paulette ( the breeding Nannies ) Toby the Mangalitsa Boar Tamsin the Tamworth Sow Mr Soft and the Wrecking Crew.. All of these animals have been cared for and nurtured for the last four years , They will have to be found new homes or be slaughtered .

I should similarly congratulate the planning Inspectorate for managing with the swipe of a pen to shatter the hopes and aspirations of two hard working and potentially self sufficient Smallholders. My parents instilled the adage that honesty is the best policy .. Well I should also like to thank the Planning Inspectorate for Shooting down that belief without so much as a pang of compassion. Yours ,

Mr Angry  , Maundown.

RANT OVER for NOW. Grrrrr Fekin Grrrrr

We had our Skins back from those lovely people at the Organic  Sheepskin Co  They really care about their work and the finish is sublime. 

Other news.. The RatMan is lucky to be alive. As where he was stood Saturday whilst searching for dispatched rats. On Sunday  looked like this ! The first picture seems tame enough but wait till you see  what happened to the shed.

So its covering the Fence !

It is Huge , unsurprising it is a huge old OAK and it has figured several times in our Blog.

  Right Im off to have a GOOD OLD think about  what we do next 😦


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