A Foresters eye View

When you run a Smallholding / farm etc. every day you are doing something that is for the future hence the title. A Forester knows that planting saplings. is NOT going to produce anything any time soon.

So it was with US it was  always about everything we did on a daily basis IT was never about the NOW unless it was Mucking out  it was  always about what we were doing next week or next month or for the spring etc. So because of the pissing planning office we are a little bit at 6’s and 7’s. ( Read last weeks post if you have NO idea what im on about ) It is hard to have the motivation when you have had a swift kick in the undercarriage .

Anyway that aside ( for the time being anyway.) The much talked about much pictured ” Footlands Propper ” that we grew from cuttings of that famous old tree ,did the done thing and produced some apples for our delectation .

 Anyway whatever happens . Martina and I will always have this Blog to look back on . AND with some pride at what  (” two Old Codgers” as our nobby neighbours refered to us  ) have achieved in the last 5 years  here is an insight …

LIKE THIS From 2015

And this from 2016

Any way the BLOG will continue until it stops !  I always was the King of the bleedin obvious 🙂

Tarra fer Now  M&M

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