What Do you do on the hottest recorded “late bank holiday” ?

Oh course you do.

Talking of wood after the branch snapped off the “big old Oak” and crushed a shed I had my brother come up and saw it up it to managable chunks and take away anything that would help his business. ( Windfall Furniture .)

I have had a strimmer strapped to my back for most of the weekend . The Planning office still fail to understand that its not JUST about feeding animals , farming is much more than that.

Like the picture in the sequence reveales . National Holiday or NOT if work needs doing .. YOU DO IT .

The alternating weather is confusing the hell out of the birds. Our chicken egg production has gone up , The Turkeys are laying eggs again , we even have one playing mum to 4 chicks.


Anyway as a point of interest in 2015 August we were doing (THIS )

Bye Bye for NOW …. M&M

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