Why so SAD ?

Toby our youmg Mangalitsa boar is in a miserable mood , His brother and two half brothers have left. He as he has a complete set of testicles so lives to fight another day. He has no Idea where they have gone and is blissfully unaware of their fate. I didn’t have the heart to tell him then truth so I told him they were auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. But now I come to think about it I probably made him feel worse than had I told him the truth , That they were off to make pork pies. as frankly that is much easier to come to terms with than the embarrassment of BGT 🙂 still he does look sad and lonely . So if you have a home for a young very hairy pig who is looking for Love… drop us a line

The man who arrived from the Estate Agents to give us a quote on the farm and its possible sale price neglected to take any pictures of the one thing that stands out at the top of the property namely the Barn . So I have taken a couple of pics and sent them to him , I dont know how he missed it it is after all 100 ft lont and 24 ft wide in places. and of course now partly covered in Virgina creeper , that is slowly turning Red.

After all martina and I put a lot of graft in to its construction.

For the most part I have been strimming the overgrowth from under the electric fencing ( to negate earthing ) so the Big boys can go back in to the orchard and continue clearing brambles.

Apart from a glancing blow to the nether regions ( by an over eager goat ) there is nothing of importance to write about this week so I wil do what I normally do and finish with something from previous BLOGs.

In 2017 this week we were doing THIS

and the year before it was THIS

We will no doubt chat again soon


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