miracles and the “Major”

You know I keep harping on about just how special our little bit of Britain is well here is something that will make Gasp and go a long way towards confirming my appraisal. After much heart searching and consternation realising our dream has been killed by the stroke of a pen We after looking at all avenues to stay decided we cannot fight the Planning Inspectorate any more We are just too tired . So reluctantly we decided to put our little smallholding up for sale. Here is the justification for my love of this place. On Tuesday it went on the market with a local estate agent we had a viewing Friday and accepted an offer from a lovely family on Saturday Im Not sure if that is a record. but 5 days to sell speaks volumes of the effort entailed in our venture and the impression made to the people who want to purchase. And it has Not stopped since. We have asked the estate agents to take it off the web but have had multiples of interested buyers JUST Rocking of and randomly Phoning.

Here is WHY šŸ˜¦

We will miss this view immensely though I am convinced the New owners will be as pround to show us thier stamp on it at some point in the future .

Henry “F”Honda is Dead … Ahhhhh

Meet The Major.

I am so gonna get grief for this , after telling my mates “IF you ever see me looking at a Freelander again You can beat me till I bleed ” YUP We bought a freelander NOT just any old Freelander this was owned for Most of its Life By a Major ( Did not strike me he was sally army ) But he was however about as anal as any car owner could be . We are talking every bill every service he even had the Advertising flyer that was in the windscreen when he first bought it from Taunton Land Rover. A regular Nutcase. but it is a diesel 4×4 that has only covered 6000 miles a year since New. and it is complete with a unused tow hitch ( My God that will Change )

Another good reason for giving him the monica “Major” is the grief I will get for buying it … ie What the F**K Made Yer ( Major ) Buy That ?

Must Go Im running Late..

Will update Soon


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