This is Blog about “A Dream” .

We all have ’em Some are more realistic than others . But hey Who am I to judge.  Myself ( Martin ) and My partner ( Martina) are setting about the task of becoming “Smallholders” Trying to  eke  a living from 3 and a 1/2 Hectares of land in Somerset twixt Wiveliscombe and Clatworthy reservoir close to the edge of  Exmoor.

Our plan is to make a living and this Blog will inform you of how we are getting on. I will try and explain any pit falls I encounter and share the positives.

The Numbers below are the google map reference numbers just copy them in to Google and it will take you to the lane on which we are situated (Der Bauernhof,  Jews Lane , Maundown ,Somerset , UK , TA42BU )

[ 51.050214, -3.336389 ]

A German named farm in the heart of the West of England

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