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Jar Jar Binks, Movement, No Movement and a Playstation

Ten No less New kids arrived this weekend They have moved into the Caravan as that is heated the first lot  have moved down to their New area complete with accommodation access to the Hedgerows and a purpose built Play Station. They are loving the freedom and the chance to try their nashers out on the hedge and the willow ( collected by Martina )

Of the New Kids Martina thinks the New Anglo Nubian bears a striking resemblance to Star wars Jar Jar Binks here they are side by side see if you can tell which is which

Difficult init ?

Anyway here is the rest of them..  Sweet as !

Many thanks to “The goat Lady” Leslie McRae  ( Who is totally barking but we love her )

Meanwhile the first 5 have moved again from the Big shed to a hut with space. We have built in a hay rack in to one end and built them a “playstation” to bounce around on , But to be fair they spent very little time investigating it they were much more interested in the NEW forms of foodstuff available ( ie The hedge )

The Non movement is from Ms Toulouse ( Marie Antoinette ) as she is now sitting on 10 eggs ( not all hers , some are stellas ) but she does not seem to care. She is not a bit like stella she does not get fraught or Hissy when I get too close she is a beautiful goose ( albeit a little camera shy ) and hopefully will make a good mum.

John-claude is hanging out with Stella so we are hopeful she will continue to lay , In her own nest.


As for the rest of the weekend well it was a lot of Mucking out ( Chickens / Goats X 2 ), Whilst important is not conducive to to good pictures.   We also acquired an aluminium greenhouse from a nice man in North Petherton, Who unbelievably has a cosworth powered Ambulance /motorhome…But even more bizarrely  also a cosworth powered Capri .. now frankly i’m surprised he is still alive !!!  ( Pictures to follow as ,while it is roughly where it is going to live it has no base and no glass in it yet ) Martina is hoping for a bumper crop of Tomatoes / peppers and courgettes from it and it will also house the grape given to us by “Great Scott of Watchet “.  Went on the Pallet run a day late due to the arrival of the kids, We have the basis of at least two field shelters from that foray  and our “Chicken man” was rushed to Musgrove hospital with a suspected Heart attack  (Which fortunately [ for him] was diagnosed as “Angina” so he is all medicated up [ beta blockers and beer apparently ] and will be able to supply our new batch next week )

Oh Yes and this time Last Year we were doing  [ THIS ]

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Right thats about it for now if I think of anything else Ill post it on Facebook.

Tarah   M&M

First Steps in to the big wide world. Wood chip and Fencing.

Our goat kids took their first steps in to the outside this weekend , they loved it lots of skipping and running about followed by some chilling and chewing the cud , nothing to stressful you understand,

The internals of the greenhouse are sorted thanks to a few plastic bags and some wood chip

The geese bless them ruined the inside of DJ ( not their fault they were shut up ) SO  have had to rethink how the internals work , have re jigged the Hydroponics and dug in dung to the raised bed

Ginger ( silent “g” ) and Gizmo are brothers and born no more than 1/2 an hour apart though you would not credit it when you see them side by side, Gizmo was the Runt of the litter and is 2/3rds smaller than his bro , If he does not start to put a growth spurt on soon I may just try to blag him off as a Micro Pig ( they are worth hundreds you know )..Mind you if he does grow to be as big as his dad , they my need a bigger house.

oh yes and this is their new pen..

I’m convinced Bernard is going to Pop as all he has done since we let them out after the Flu scare is Flaunt himself NOT just at female turkeys BUT any one or anything he just happens upon ,door, fence, tree ,Me ,Martina and in this case our dutifully unimpressed Dog “Ellie”

He is a Good looking boy mind. Barry ( being barry ) cannot be arsed he just winks and smiles , it takes a lot less effort 🙂


We have done the fencing between “Orchard Rd” and “The Bog of Eternal Stench ” ( One for my kids there ) will have to give it a coat of creosote when its likely to remain dry all day

The nice Men From Hi-Line turned up with a transit flatbed full of wood chip , which was nice we have used it all over the place it is great for all the footfall areas like outside the coop the greenhouse and Ginger and gizmo’s pen..

Oh yes this time last year we were doing [ THIS ]

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Spring arrived , Sadly you could not see it for the MUD

The first four Weaners went Friday , It was very nice to meet the Two fellas who will be raising them… I picked up Feed from GE-MARE Feeds Who sadly have closed after 27 years in the business. We will miss Debs and Anthony A smashing Couple.

Well we let the birds loose , They seemed happy till it started to rain So we had lots of chickens / turkeys looking wantonly at an open door BUT not really wishing to venture out 😦  It did brighten up ( For short periods ) Then it was all back to normal Chickens squabbling Turkey Toms  Fighting it was like they had never been locked away.

The goaties got moved down to the New goat shed Complete with climbing frame and hay dispenser and of course a little hidey hole to keep warm in. It is basically stage two in a four stage process. Stage one is the nice warm caravan , Two is the Shed they are in Now ,

Three is the newly fenced area ( at present occupied by Turkey “bobby” to stop him fighting) Picture of that below and lastly stage four move down to Eric’n’Ernies and then onward to as yet unfinished fields.

Our Shetland Ram Came home  He is sharing a field with the goats Who were just a little taken aback having never seen a ram before ..

This time last year we were doing [THIS]  This week was a mixture of MUD and Rainbows


Right thats it for this week Chat soon



Lists of Things & Buck Rogers

I don’t know how your weekend went but ours was something like this :-

Make a New nest box for the coop

Plant some Raspberry’s

Plant a tree ( Not sure what it is but it has flowers on it ) Donated by Rita.

Repair Damage Done by Storm Doris

Wrestle Weaners ( More of that Later )

Move Pigs between Compounds

Ear Tag Weaners

Clip all the “Foul” Wings ready for the impending Release Date , And there are lots of them.

Muck Out

Feeding KIDS

Pick up Buck Rogers and his Hareem

Pick up s/hand Rabbit Hutch

Pick up HAY

Make New Feeding Troughs

Collecting the First Eggs of the Year.

Apart from that we had a quiet Weekend  ( Titter )

Right in order to put “Tamsin” in the Farrowing Unit We had to , firstly separate CoCo from the 4 weaners that are going ( Trust me that aint easy , 1 , She is not too keen to let them go and 2. They are heavy feisty little Fekkers. We have temporarily housed them in “Turkey Towers “) . Anyway with them gone we enticed CoCo out with a bucket then closed the doors. We then moved tamsin in to the Farrowing area and moved CoCo and her remaining two down to where Tamsin came from. ( I do hope you are taking notes There could be a quiz at the end ! )

Defra say if you are in a “low risk area” you can release your birds ( “Supervised” Whatever that means ) from the first of March If you want to know what 51 Chickens Poised to Pounce look like And there is also all the geese and Turkeys as well 😉  :-

Not sure why We dont have a Picture of the New nestbox But Im sure I will show you some other time.

We are going to be able to do the most amazing ” Game Pie ” Ever with the addition of 3 New Breeding Rabbits ( It will Make My brother adam Smile )  so a mixture of Chicken / Turkey / Goose / Pork / Goat and Rabbit it is then … Mmmm Any way we think 2 are Californian and one is a New Zealand. Say welcome to “Buck” Rogers.. Flopsy and Hazel.. We intend to house them outside like Free Range Rabbits , Just trying to work out how to do it so they Dont burrow their way out.

First Eggs This year..


Right Im Off.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   as I am actually asleep and have been for twenty minutes ……

This time last year we were doing [ THIS ]

Next time


Busy as “TEN” Men

Our ever expanding Menagerie is going to the next level over the coming weeks .. This week the First ( Of many )  Billies arrived from Our new friend ( Known in the Holcombe Rogus  Area just as the Goat Lady ) Lesley runs a 150 plus goat milking herd just over the hill from us and we said we would buy her Billies . We like her she is Barking Mad ( Not at all like us 🙂 .. ) We were impressed with her setup and her outlook on life. I do believe We will be doing a lot of collaboration .Anyway the first five are here and living the life of riley in a 14ft caravan with stunning views across the brendons.. There is a good mixture Sannen /  Anglo nubian / Toggenburg and a loppy eared sannen. Yes they are cute BUT that wont save them from morphing in to  Cabrito  Curry 🙂

Our Tamworth ( Tamsin ) is due imminently So we have brought her closer to the Farrowing barn ( just in case )  Coco should have 4 less piglets this coming week as they are due to be picked up. so they can swap places  .. ps tamsin loves a selfie

Meanwhile the aforementioned piglets are growing and turning over earth like professionals

We ave pretty much finished all of the Greenhouse so martina can set about seeding stuff.

As for the Menagerie it will be even bigger next week ( hopefully due to the lifting of the avian flu restrictions ) we will be expanding the headcount of chickens by a factor of 40+ and as if we were not busy enough I have to find some room for Some NZ White Meat rabbits. Never stops up here on the Bauernhof.

And we managed a trip to Stonehenge as well . Never ceases to amaze me how much stuff we get done some weekends. Which is just as well as I have to extend the Chicken coop and knock up some relevant housing for Rabbits.

And this time Last Year we were doing [THIS]

Later everyone

Mart ‘n’ Martina

Monkeys in Hard hats ?Glazing and Flurries

There are some power lines that cross Der Bauernhof and Western Power decided to do some housekeeping to ensure they don’t get taken down by falling trees, In this case it suited us fine as these are the very trees that attacked “DJ” ( the poly tunnel ) last year so the crew that arrived were given a warm welcome. They were a great bunch of lads they were quick and efficient  and cleared up before they left. And as you can see from the pictures Quite Barking mad !

Busy Busy , Driving round the countryside picking up recyclables Friday was a trip to wellington for a Crate from SDA Stair lifts followed by a short trip to A fellow freecycler to pick up a wooden greenhouse ( Thanks Debbie )  Sunday back to Debbie’s to  pick up an old caravan ( we hope to use it as a hatchery for the Geese and turkeys ) .. The greenhouse is to help out as “DJ” is full of Geese.  Its a rickety old thing but with a few additions and a coat of weatherproofing it will be good as new and last for years.

Saturday we had a flurry of snow nothing more than that not flaky snow just tiny little balls of snow that looked like hail.

Have put a huge beam across the barn doors to stop coco coming and going as she pleases. The piggies are brave and boisterous

Its cold and wintry yet the flowers don’t seem to care !

This time last year we were doing [THIS]

Later everyone

Mart ‘n’ Martina

Crossed Fingers, Cross Geese

The Avian Flu outbreak is now becoming a Damn nuisance, Our Geese ( Who are at present holding up the seeding work as they have control of the Polly tunnel ) have started to lay We are unsure which of the geese ( Toulouse or West of England ) is laying as they spend their day out of site. ;(

It was wetter than clatworthy on friday it just rained and rained  Didn’t need the weatherstone to inform us we were knee deep in mud

We have been shoring up  the fences around “DJ” ready for the impending move of coco and the two piglets that we are keeping to move down to as you can see from the pictures she ( and the little ones ) have given short shrift to the area that was supposed to be for the Goaties.

We have no where to plant the strawberries ( because of the geese ) so have decided to try using Pallets , a piece of wood attached around the exterior stops the earth / much mix falling out then you plant the berries in the spaces it keeps the fruit off the ground . two are now done the third will be soon.

Have had to cobble together some strengthening for the gates ready for cocos move down , She is so strong without it she would literally walk through the gates as if they were tissue

The weather was foul on friday But saturday was sunny and showers Sunday was NFM ( Normal for maundown 🙂

And This time last year We were doing this [ Click Here  ]

Right im off , We will see you again soon


Mart ‘n’ Martina

Continuing to Grow , Continuing the Roadside Fencing, And Continually Raining ;(

We have been gobsmacked at the rate the little piggies put on weight. And how quickly they learn from mum. once they had all been coaxed outside in to big wild world its a case ” Monkey see Monkey do” CoCo started nuzzling the ground in search of roots and worms  They do likewise. I’m NOT convinced they know why they are doing it but they follow her lead and within minutes they are turning over the sod like mini JCB.

Though the little runt ( Bless him he is growing just as quickly just started smaller ) was less than keen at first to leave the warmth of the barn ! in the end seemed the alternative of leaving or having some one take endless photos of you was decisive . “I’m Out of here “…………….

We have re positioned the fence at the bottom of the goats pen so now there is room to put in some raised beds for the root crops , Whilst the soil is very fertile it does contain a lot of stones which means root crops grow like they have been struck down by “rickets” . We have not made them yet ( Heavy precipitation ) but this is roughly where they will be.


We have started the Fencing “roadside” just the positioning at present as we need to creosote them before we finish. Once again heavy rain put paid to anything outside.. Looking good though

Any way Sunday !  I’ll give you a clue  The weatherstone says :-


So I spent sunday spuddling about in the Man Cave Building some new shelves and sorting nuts and blots out in to some semblance of order. dscf9391

Nearly level too (*__*)  !!

Right thats all for now . Off to Gary’s Funeral monday so Im likely to be depressed as sin 😦

See yah all soon M&M

Exploring the outside , And the Classic”It wasn’t ME Guv !! “

A weekend of bits n bobs and doing odd jobs.

Coco tried to coax her little ones out in to the BIG WIDE WORLD . Two duly took the leap of faith the others cuddled together and waited for their mums return.

Honestly guv it was not me . 🙂  … I came out this morning and it was like this , “MY GUESS” is someone broke in last night while we were sleeping and stole the turf……… probably.!*%!!!


Meanwhile back at polly where Barry white , bernard and bernadette plus the backing singers are temporarily housed due to the Avian flu scare. Bernard and Barry are getting ready for the mating season by puffing themselves up and strutting around. We fully intend to give barry the “rspca treatment” ( like they do seagulls covered in oil ) when their incarceration is ended so he can go back to being ” Barry ( really ) White .. Bless him . And wow has Bernard grown up since his arrival when they arrived in august, take look [HERE]   he has turned out to be a fine specimen .

Martina and I set about sealing / waterproofing the vacated bird residences ” The chateau ” “Turkey Towers” were the main focus of our attention followed by the hut that CoCo will move in to when Tamsin comes up to the barn for her farrowing. We hope to get the Chicken coop done next week.

Had plenty of visitors this weekend including the family Hennessy and our old friends the Philpotts ..

This time last year we were doing this [ Click Here ]

Right thats all for now , we look forward to seeing you soon.

Mortality , Wind and Growers

As we progress through our lives towards it’s inevitable conclusion we become increasingly aware of our Own Mortality. Primarily  because those to whom we are closest start to “Shuffle off this mortal coil”. Friday I lost my Best Mate / Friend / Confidant to cancer, we are just a few months different in age and had been friends for the better part of FIFTY Years. Never had a crossed word .. We must have spent years “Putting the world to rights” and we were both of the attitude we could always agree to differ if at any point we had to!. I have a thousand and one stories I could tell and many more memories of one of the nicest (if not the nicest ) men  I have ever had the pleasure to have met. Although I saw him recently and he was obviously very ill , whenever I close my eyes to to contemplate our friendship , I see a scruffy haired “teenager” disappearing off in to the distance on a motorbike . And I smile 🙂  Thank you Gary for being my friend ..

My love goes out to his Wife and children who i am sure will miss him even more than me.


Our weekend was Windy , Very windy the sort that comes up our hill so fast you dont have to shave. However as we have had this weather before and because we have everthing is battened down in preparation subsequently we lost nothing No roof, No sheds , No anything .

We have set about lining the goaty weaning hut with the ply crates we get from a supplier in wellington. and have put the earth in place on the roof for the seedum/grass natural covering for it. And a few breeze blocks as steps for easier access.

The Piggies ( 3 boys  [now castrated] 3 Girls ) are growing at an astonishing rate and running around like headless chickens. ( we will post a video on our facebook page ) But all are healthy and even the boys look happy despite the ordeal of having their nuts removed. CoCo is also becoming much less aggressive in her demeanor in fact she is positivly smiling .

Dont forget to check our facebook page later in the week to see the piggies playing .

Oh yes we have started to embed a map of where we are so you can come and visit.

Oh yes this time last year [THIS WAS GOING  ON]

Chat soon M&M