Specialist jobs require specialized tools.

After finishing off the netting of the tutti fruti fruit cage We set about making a cage to keep the Christmas Chickens and turkeys from wandering off. You will recall I made a Special tool from a bamboo cane to sew the netting around Tutti Fruti I have used it again to attach the netting..

 The weekend was made up of general duties , including mucking out the barn and weeding tutti fruit . Whilst important they do not make good photographs.

However My mums favourite flowers do.  Hydrangea’s . Martina has taken cuttings from wherever she can find them, as a result we have lots growing around the plot to add a bit of colour. And they vary in colour from White to Deep Blues and Pinks

 Whilst we a re on the subject of My mother , Any one who has ever been to our old family home “Footlands” will Know what these are and what it means ……….

The answer is of course SUMMER

And whilst on the subject of Footlands. The tree that was the bane  of my fathers time there ( Simply because it produced far more than you could actually consume )  that which we choose to call the ” Footlands Propper ” as it spent at least half of its life propped up by a oak gate post to stop it falling over. Ours is planted at a jaunty angle as a tribute to its heritage . But as you can see it appears to like this angle as it is producing huge quantities of apples. and I only grafted it to its rootstock three years ago.

There was a Huge Dragonfly trapped in our Netting it took an age to free it as their wings are so fragile

Anyway it was duly freed and went on its merry way.

As an aside this time in 2016 we we doing THIS.

 And in 2015 it Was THIS

Right Im Orf..  We will no doubt chat soon..


Mundane Maundown

Most of the weekend has been fairly mundain but these are the jobs that have to be done to keep the farm running in fine fettle. Things Like mucking out , cleaning , disinfecting. All take time but are a necessary evil. There are of course other minor things ie. fixing stuff that is seized or broken , watering plants etc. we just do them as a matter of course.

our two ( now not so little ) little  goslings have been adopted but the famille Toulouse and are even getting overly protective

  When I come back I wanna come as a PIG  what a stressfull existence ……………

Moved the youngest from the reception center to the barn on the weekend . they are loving the freedom..

 Everyone Loves Summer here on Der Bauernhof is no different. everything is Blooming and producing Martina has been wandering around taking pictures.

The Meadow that I topped last month is unrecognisable . The grass is Lush and long

And the Boys are continuing their good work clearing the brambles..

The Ram lambs are getting fat Mmmmm

 Got go now as Im busy.. So will update soon. Oh yes tomorrow is the big day with the Planning Appeal … Whish us luck.. 

Chat soon M&M

Maundown Murders !

Like Midsomer Murders only No people Die.

Docks !!! I have Had my fill of them So a large part of my weekend was murdering a whole field full of them. Turning This :-

To THIS :-

With a little help from This :-

Martina and I set about making a new home for the New Zealand Rabbits. as the young were nearly as big as Mum. So we made a new home for mum and dad and then split the boys and girls up.

Our Fruit is starting to ripen, Martina spent an hour reliving a couple of bushes of fruit and it totalled over 2 kilos. and we still have about 40+ bushes to go..

So martina made a kilo into jam ( to go with the Rhubarb jam that she made earlier in the week Mmmmmm.

  We have two broodies in the van at present they have a couple of chicks each. it didn’t start out that way its just the Cornish in the top cage lost one through the cage and mum2 just adopted it.

Any way this time last year we were doing this

Whereas in 2015 we were doing This

Right Im off again Chat again next Week .. Ta Ta 4 Now.. M&M

Scrub clearance .. New faces . and the return of ronda………

The forlorn hope we were going to get some fencing around the last remaining paddock in the top half of the property was somewhat curtailed by the need to clear a path in order to see where to put the fence posts. We are talking 7 feet high nettles and other weeds made it quite a daunting task and quite time consuming. So I effectively spent most of Saturday and in between showers on Sunday just strimming. Included in the work w\as clearing underneath the electric fencing as the grass has grown so quickly its arcing everywhere.

Ronda ( the Honda ) got dusted off and a nice new throttle cable. then was set to work munching docks and cutting the grass.

OH  yes the Ducks are back in the BOG..

There are times when I think it must be great to be a goat on our little farmstead, lush green grass interspersed with Buttercups ( shame they don’t like buttercups) , As I spent most of the weekend walking up and down the plot they just follow on the off chance I will throw them a treat.

Im not sure if you are aware that Goats will eat just about anything, that includes Bark on trees as high as they can reach. Im not sure how these trees are still alive.

The Goslings have left the Kitchen.. We have knocked up a home for them between the chateau’s  so they don’t feel alone.

her new arrivals were Goatlings . a couple were a little timid but the British Alpine is stark staring bonkers and just wants to cuddle .

 and the Black Currants are nearly cooked. the Red gooseberrys are not far away. the redcurrants are a little behind. 

Well that’s us done for this week . this time in 2015 we were doing (This )  

Bye-Bye for NOW.. M and M

Wet ‘n’ Windy with sunny spells! was forecast

That was pretty much what we got JUST not MANY sunny spells ;-(

 Friday as normal is feed run day involves a trip to Mole Valley Farmers then a few hours mixing the bought stuff with our own Milled grain. I humped a load of the fencing posts down to do the bottom ( and last of the top section ) paddock. BUT then the heavens opened.

Did the rounds of the electric fencing and snipped off and touching flora and forna causing a short. The Big Boys are making a great job of clearing the brambles for the field next to micks Wood.

The New Zealand Whites are growing at a terrific rate wont be long till they either get sold or eaten.

 have some new neighbours Not 100% sure but they appear to be Cattle of some sort 🙂  ( Not really a cow person )

there is a good old oak in the dividing hedge twixt us and our neighbour , its a gnarly old thing and it has a bird box attached , NOT by us but my best guess is that it has not been there as long as the tree. not even sure if its residents are Biirds or Squirrels.

The field that we topped last month is already a foot high in grazing and full of many types of wild meadow grasses.

whereas the last corner where I was hoping to fence the weekend is like a scene from Jurassic park

The Virgina creeper is filling out , this time August we wont be able to see the barn.

And you know the expression ” Butter wouldn’t Melt”  Well one of these little lovely’s is chewing their way through a New teat every day.  They do it by chewing at the back of the mouth where they have opposing teeth.

  Right I have to go now will chat soon. 

But this time in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

Ta Ta fer now . M&M

YOU Cannot trust goats!

I Love them  Goats I mean. but if you leave them alone for the blink of an eye. they will be up to something. I had been clearing New growth from the electric fencing as it was arcing out. when I got back the bottom goats in cumins old field , they had either taken advantage of the wind blowing down a tree OR they had found a way to pull it down, either way my efforts to curtail the arcing was being hampered by a branch across the wire.

We had a bit of a tidy up up at the top , I do have an entrance to my workshop 🙂  and the area where the rabbits live has been tackled by Martina.  

love this time of year as everything grows at a terrific rate. Including sadly DOCKS I wonder if I could convince Hugh Fernley Whittingggggstalllllll that Stewed Dock was the ” Next big thing” I would have some moneys worth here I can tell you. That aside the cover that we planted to disguise the Pig Bog ( Mostly Withy but a smattering of beech birch and alder is growing ferociously and even the bog is starting to look green

 The Veggies are also coming on .

As is the Verginia Creeper on the barn hard to believe they were foot long cuttings from my parents old cottage just 18 months ago.

t in a pisser this week with a ebay supplier fitted a new 60w heatlamp and within a couple of hours it literally exploded. I had bought 2 so rather than risk it we put the other bulb in a different lamp only for that to fail after half an hour. Grrrrr

  Guess what we are doing next weekend (*__*)

Right must go Busy Busy !

This time last year we were doing ( THIS )

whereas in 2015 it was THIS

Bye Bye 4 NOW 🙂   M&M 

The benefits of going “Private”

We have turkeys doing something they have not done before , Going broody ! So we now have a Maternity unit set up in one of the turkey towers..

However if you “Go Private” you get your own room 🙂

YES She is Tiered Tyre – ed

We have some newbies this week in the form of 3 British Alpine ( cannot help thinking British and Alpine does not sound right. in the same was as neither does Dutch Mountains ) they are the Black n White ones and 2 x Sannen X Guernsey. They are as cute as and a beautiful colour.

Martinas favorite place colloquially known as “Tutti Fruti” is a busy old place all the fruit bushes are hanging with berry’s God only knows how many strawberries there are but its many more than Ive seen before. same goes for the black/red/white currants literally hanging. we have added some Sweetcorn and some climbing french beans this weekend, to see how they go.

I have a Kitchen full of birds and my missus dont care ! How many men can get away with that line ?

As we are only keeping Lady Goats for us to milk we have a few to many so we are going to sell Annette and Claudette they are a yearlings only a few weeks apart theough its easy to tell who the PIG is. Offers taken

We finally got the bottom of the Goat dung in the Top Barn its been a long time since we saw the floor…. NO MORE ” Deep Litter” FOR US ..

Right for those who like Nostalgia this time in 2015 we were doing THIS Where as in 2017 we were doing THIS

Right Im orf . Be GOOD if NOT be careful M&M

Tutti-FRUTTI , All Roofy

All Martinas hard work cropping and potting fruit trees last autum are begining to ” Bare Fruit” LITERALLY. and as there is plentiful I have decided to protect all the contents of tutti frutti with a roof/top. its a big old cage 50 feet by 45 ( 15mts x 14 ) and after purchasing the netting I have spent a huge part of the weekend involved if Blanket stitch ( apart from the fact its not a blanket )

To confirmit has been worth the endevour , the bushes are hanging with berries.

If I ever EVER say that Deep littering the Goats over the winter seems like a good Idea , You may take me somewhere out of sight and beat to within an inch of my life with a spade. As the GRAFT involved in getting it out of the barn involves a lot of hard work and contributed to Me and Martina having a fall out.

Our BABY WABBITS are putting on a serious growth spurt. wont be long till they will be off.

In “DJ” everything is sprouting in to life and some stuff is ready to be decanted to the veggie patch.

Oh and those who are regular followers of this rambling diatribe. You will be familiar with story of the ” Footlands Propper” well ours will be throwing out some very familiar apples this year….

This time in 2016 we were DOING THIS

Right Bye Bye for Now chat Soon M&M

green party !

NO not the green party ” A Green Party” Armed with 2 two ( Vegan ) tins of Cuprinol Martina and I pained the Livestock sheds this weekend.

We did the Turkey Towers and the Turkey Brooder hut.

We did the Geeses Chatau’s

The Chickens accomodation Egg layers / Legbars and Cornish

Grapes , Oh Lots of grapes….

And goosegogs

Other assorted vegetation in the polytunnel


just 20 days ago this lot looked like badly packed sausages now they look like Bunnies.

Martina has been in a ditching mood Again, wheresa I have benn strimming and rotorvating.

What else ? Oh I know we have some Goslings for sale 4 Embdens 1 Toulouse. I vave vented them they all appear to be femail . Not a cock in sight , Not that Im an expert but Im happy to hold them upside down while you check youself Drop us a message on here or Facebook if interested , Off heat and ready to go

Martina also tided up around DJ and planted out some of the Bamboo that we acquired from freecycle.

Oh and whilst I was sitting up on the hill the other evening with THE RATMAN this was the scene in front of us.

Awesome 🙂

Well this time 3 years ago we were doing ( THIS )

Right Sorry its Late …. Ive been really rather Busy 🙂


Ikkle Bunny Wunnies , Goslings,m and stuff growing.

We have some little gooses ready for sale they are up on the top acclimatising . and loving the freedom. Will have a go at determining their sex later.

The two broody chucks are looking after the new arrivals.

The Rabbits are just a little more ” Stand Off” I have never seen her with the Ikkle ones but they are growing at some rate so I presume she is feeding them or has a direct line to “Just Eat” (*__*) !

This next few slides were going to be entitled ” Older Goats in the Brambles” However upon closer inspection I noticed Martina featured in one , NOW I am old and they dont get much USE , But I do have an afection for my Testicles ! So lets call it Martina and Her Goats 🙂 .. Yup Im chicken !!!!!

The aforementioned field needed securing as the boys just wandered in to next door and set about the neighbours hedge from the inside.

Meanwhile everything that is supposed to be Growing IS GROWING !

Any Way this time in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

And the following Year ( THIS ) was our effort for the weekend .

Right We are done , See you next week


A German named farm in the heart of the West of England