One Man went to mow

In the 5 years we have been on this property and apart from cutting and laying the hedge and Aron and I cutting down the roadside trees in the Land that time forgot, we have not managed to get much done in the Ponderosa ( Bottom Meadow ) that changed this weekend thanks to a Loaned John Deere ( Which I broke ) from Leslie our Goat supplier and a Loan Topper ( Which I didn’t Break ) We set about mowing it and what is left of the orchard ( Micks Wood ) , I say what is Left because that Sweet little Roe Deer has decimated 90% of the trees if I catch him I’ll swing for him I swear. Any way back to the Ponderosa . As it has been relativly dry for the last few weeks I thaught Id have a bash at it , Yes I know there is the odd boggy bit but I just worked around those. I did however find the odd Boggy Bit I didnt know about Which was quite entertaining . Any way it looks like this now.

Basically if its NOT Mown then its Boggy 🙂

Martina Whilst on her rounds found time as usual to be knee deep in a gully . I haven’t checked lately but if she had webbed feet I would not be totally surprised. She also found some Bluebells and Primroses hidden away which we knew not of their existence.

Back to the Tractor , Modernity has taken its toll on farm machinery , They don’t make them like they used to. Why would anything in a farming environment have a tempered Glass Door? the slightest knock and you have a handle in your hand and the worlds most difficult Jigsaw 🙂 I rang Leslie to explain my delema she was very good about it , and explained that she had done exactly the same shortly after she bought it. Built in Profit making as I see it.

Any way while we had use of it we moved the pile of 3/4 to dust scalpings that has been on our drive for 12 months. This did not stop the girly goats nosing in to it thinking there may be food being moved.

Our Main Herd are back in the paddock after a re-build of the shelter. They are as happy as any goat can be , Green grass plentiful water , shelter and a great view.

Any way in the past on this day ( in 2015 to be precise ) we were doing (THIS)

Alrighty We must Away. Things to Do ( as always ) speak again Next week



Hannah ( apparently) sent gust up our property god knows what speed but it was enough to turn a garden shed in to splinters. So I have had to do away with it and rebuild the shed I thought I had finished last week .

Friday Martina and I took some Goat and sheep skins down to

To be processed .Mark Neville is a very affable man very keen to show his processes to us and his end product looks fabulous .

I had a suspension ball joint let go on Henry ( The Honda ) last week and my son in law Chris ( Regulars will know him ) lent me his truck whislt mine was off the road. Its a huge Nissan Navara. So big it generates its own gravity field so passing people / animals get caught in it and spend hours just circling it. I like it but not as much as our local Fuel Station.. 18 ish MPG. around the lanes it is however surprisingly frugal on a run nearly 22mpg.

We did have a really nice pampus grass , that is until the geese decided it was the perfect nesting material. Cantankerous sods geese. and very very protective .

Martina as always was knee deep in a ditch again , it keeps her slim 🙂

She was also busy in DJ planting seeding and repotting. And the bamboo rhizomes have started to take.

The wind was still blowing a houlie on saturday the new trees planted along the bog were taking the brunt, which is why they were planted.

The Grape vine is bursting in to life as are the Empress trees

Any way Im sure there was something else but it escapes me. If I think of it I will up date. Meanwhile back in the last week of april 2015 we were doing THIS

Any way Im sure there was something else but it escapes me. If I think of it I will up date. Meanwhile back in the last week of april 2015 we were doing THIS

Tara for now M and M

Long weekend !

UK Bank holiday. And for a change REALLY lovely weather .

Martinas son Patch and his family dropped in on their way home from a holiday in Croyde bay. Kept the Boys quiet telling them if they could catch a chicken they could eat it 🙂   Callum managed to catch one by catching it unaware in a place where escape was impossible . However didn’t seem to keen to wring its neck and plucking  it . Kayla has fallen for a goatling that she named “Toffee”  presumably because of its colour ( as its not sticky ) though like all Goat kids it is SWEET.

A good deal of the weekend was wasted due to the wrong equipment . No ones fault just one of those things. Didn’t start to well when the suspension collapsed on ” Henry ” the Honda. Though Chrisy lent us some transport.

We did however set about ( and mostly finish) the extension to the middle goat shelter its made with fire wood. well that’s what Milverton Saw mills describe it as .

It was quite hot ( for the time of year ) Too hot to Squabble even for Tamsin and CoCo.

The Older goatlings were equally  chilled it was just the Kids that were oblivious and continued to explore and hop about.

We have some easter goslings , The first lot of Turkeys are nearly cooked then we will be cooking The Indian Game chickens and some more Turkeys.

The Oak is Nearly Green. Sumer must be immenet

This time three years ago we were doing ( THIS )

If I go missing !

For the umpteenth time Martina has re-jigged the paving slabs on the top . If I ever miss a blog of generally disappear off the face of the earth. this would probably be a good place to start.

To be fair I too have been laying some Slabs ( freebies acquired off of Freecycle ) , There  is wet  corner towards the entrance to the goat barn so I have put up a few slabs to let the water run underneath.

This lot Love their food , and could have more if they spent less time arguing over just one side. The smarter ones walk round the back where the teats are plentiful.

Any one want a Cock ( Just Don’t ok! ) we have 3 or 4 left of these Rare legbar cockerels two months old growing well and in no time at all they will be as big as dad .

We took delivery of a load of Milverton Sawmills Finest Off-Cuts , We are talking literally tonnes of wood. But as off cuts you take what you are given. This time we have done really well there is a whole lot that are about 5×2 inch planks but with a rough side. They are still very thick and will protect the kiddies from the elements when turned in to the shed extension.

The above mentioned extension is going to the shed in “Cumins” field I’ve started but not finished yet hope to have kids living in it next weekend.

The trouble with Free range anything is !  they hide stuff to see if you notice. This particular turkey egg is in Molly the mowers Grass collection box.. And Why NOT 🙂

Where as this lot were easier to find as they were all in nest boxes.

In April 2016 we were doing THIS

Right Im off , Heads up it is a UK bank Holiday next weekend so all will a day late.. I WILL have NOT gone missing so no need to come around and dig up my patio slabs. However if its NOT posted by Wednesday. We keep the shovel next to the Site Office 🙂


House Moves , and Goats , Both New and Nuisance.

Firstly our NEW arrivals this week are “Suzette” and Robbie Ridgeback. She is a Anglo Nubian x Toggie He is Nubian x Sannen . He is a dirty white but has a dark line down is back like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Suzette on the other hand is a sweet calm quiet little girl who loves a cuddle.

The house move mentioned is in fact more a shed move , however it is used to House the turkeys so we have moved it down and placed it between the two turkey towers.

The TOM’s just cannot resist the temptation to show off when Martina is close by. even the girls were Pecking her for attention.

More stuff is popping in to life , Martina has been busy planting in “DJ” . The Vine is waking up ,the Foodland’s  Proper is bursting in to life.  And its warming up in DJ too.

Two of the Geese have decided they have had enough of Laying so are now sitting.. Fair shout say I .. Have you seen the size of a goose egg?. And our little Silkie is sitting on two that are NOT hers but she does not care she will sit on a cricket ball if she thought there was half a chance it would hatch bless her.

A bit Heath Robinson. I admit but we had to fill a hole and raise the fence because Goats are persistent little sh1ts . And if there is a hole they will find it if it look low enough to jump they will find a way. That’s the Nuisance part of the headline.  (*__*) !

Anyway this time of year in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

Ears ‘n’ Wool on legs

With the on set of spring comes the influx of new arrivals. This weeks offering  are two lambs and twin Anglo Nubian goatlings. The lambs are named Bellamy Beltex . and his mate is Minstrel in addition we have had two more goatlings they are unidentcal twins one is black as hole in the mendips and can suck a golfball down a hosepipe his brother is a cantankerous little shite who drinks when it pleases him and not at any other time , the ONLY thing they have in common is EARS Huge Grey Lugholes. ,

The turkeys have started laying which is always a chore as they are free range they chose a place to lay their eggs on the basis of the most un accessible place known to man. as this is our third year with turkeys we are getting quite adept at seeking out hidden nesting areas.

Martina has been busy up the top tidying up . and laying some slabs. as well as installing a footbath as a pond for the geese next to Zebedee ( the spring ) I have re furbished a rabbit hutch for the immanent arrival of ikkle wabbit babies.

We now have two Honesty boxes for egg sales  One is sort of plastic drawer unit ( given to by the “ratman” and the other was built by me. Pictures to follow as I forgot to photograph them Duhhh.

Geese like Turkeys Lay everywhere , You have to walk around with your eyes peeled. sometimes you move something and Oh yes there are EGGS

We have a returning pair this week. They came last year and made a nest in the BOG now they must have liked it as they are Back…

Right Im off as I have work to do but out of interest this time in 2016 we were doing THIS

Never Ever. Let a goose be your Gardener.

Now to be fair She is only doing what comes naturally , It does however make a serious mess of your Pampas Grass 😦 .

We have the first of this years new arrivals . And a prettier bunch you could not wish to meet we have one little girl “Paulette” and 4 little boys OH! and one big one who was born in December that we never got around to picking up.

The last of the remaining goats from the last lot are ready to be sent away. However we are doing them in small batches because the Skins cost a small fortune to be processed.  This me cruelly whispering This time next year you will be on someone’s bedroom floor.

The 5 TOM’s are showing off to the girls . So my guess is that we shall have turkey eggs within a week.

We have moved the Strawberry plants from “DJ” in to their own netted area ( an extension to “Tutti Fruity” ) Martina has thinned them out a bit so Im trying to find somewhere else for them or enough wood to make another Raised Bed.

Any way this time in 2015 we were doing ( THIS )

And lastly for this week. Oldie but  a Smily

“I can hear reggae music coming out of my printer. ……………………………………………………………

I think the paper’s jammin’ again.” 🙂

Ta Ta 4 now   Mart ‘n’ Martina

Pick ‘n’ Mix , And “Darling Buds”

Ohhh I miss “Woollies” Anyway it just came to me as I was considering an Honesty Box to sell some produce. I had never seen a Pick n Mix offering for Free Range Eggs. As we produce egg s of every shape size and colour so why NOT. I have set about a little ( as yet incomplete ) sales hut. it will have a top box for the Egg boxes and a lower tray to show off the eggs so you can pick the ones that take your fancy. I will of course show you the finished item and let you know if it works, Plus of sourse how “Honest ” People are.

As for the Darling Buds ! , Well even though the weather this weekend has been foul , 45mph winds carrying raan before it It does not seem to have deterred the Plants . trees and bushes from bursting forth in to Bud, I do hope Gooseberrys Like plenty of water as the poor sods have been drowned.

It Never ceases to amaze me the speed that little fluff ball chicks can in the space of three weeks in to chickens in all but size . These Legbars are blue egg layers. And the cockerels grow to be immense

.Whereas only a few weeks ago they looked like this .

Anyway this time last year we were doing this

Whereas three years ago we were doing THIS

Right apologies that its late Im blaming Donald Trump and possibly BREXIT , Even though it was actually Martinas Fault 🙂


Anyway. This weekend I moved some mud.. Look what I found…….

Rarely do you see this our suki cleaner on the outside than in 🙂

We had a bit of WIND over the weekend , as we have had it a few times in the time we have been here so for the  most  part we are ready. But still there are the odd things loose or NOT bolted down . on this occasion it was the Roof of the Cornish Meat Chickens. It got lifted clean off and the tarpaulin was ripped to sheds.

It was strong enough to throw wheelbarrows around like the confetti. and there was a 8ft tall post against the workshop that has not moved in two years but it too succumbed braking my black and decker workmate in the process.

The trouble with free range chickens !

They lay free range EGGS so whilst there are plenty who choose to lay in the provided nest boxes. You do have to be very aware that some find somewhere hidden away and out of sight. in this case in the end of our horse box.

We have some beautiful Crested Legbar Chickens That produce the loveliest Pale blue eggs so we decided to take some and put them in our Janoel Incubator. the following pictures are Hatching / 6 hours old / 3 weeks old and their parents.

Right that’s me for this weeks update however this time in 2016 we were doing THIS

One of Those Weekends . Worked lots got nothing Done.

Well to be honest that was only the case upon the Farm . Back at home Martina achieved a full spring clean washed and ironed and Cooked a whole heap of Goodies.

I just had one of those. My hydroponic set whilst it works is not that efficient so I decided to change it fro re-circulatory to drip feed. Now we  do own a lot of drip feed pipe that we acquired a while back but it is all in a tangle and because there are drip  nipples every 18inches you cannot pull it apart they just get caught. it means the tedious and tiring job of un picking it its like knitting in reverse. It also means I need a different Supply manifold to distribute the water. ( Ebay ) and a different timer setup.

I went to move the Boys to a field with some grass growth, however in doing that I realised that the Electric fencer was not working . I popped up and got a replacement battery . but alas it did NOT fix it so back to the top and strip it to see if we can ascertain the problem. No Chance !. We do however have the fortune of a spare that I picked up last week and did manage to repair. It is a Solar powered one and that has now had to be installed.

We have had a visit this weekend from “Freya” she was a storm that swept in from the west. To be fair she was less destructive than a few we have had however did drop some serious precipitation and was followed by some strong winds. but luckily for us as the winds were predominantly from the south west we are sheltered.

 One of the drawbacks of a hill farm in the rain is “Slippage” I am NO Christopher Dean so I seem to spend a good deal of time on me arse looking skyward. Once your welly boot tread has filled to capacity you effectively have two small surf boards strapped to one feet.   And find myself saying to on looking geese ” meant to do that ” !!!

Talking Geese. the females are laying well but cannot find a nest that they are happy with so this entails a search when egg collecting.  You can usually tell   if you are close as you will be confronted by one very irate and tetchy Gander.

So there are No pictures this week due to nothing getting finished. I could put a picture of Martinas lovely Lemmon Drizzle cake BUT I’VE EATEN IT 🙂

Amazingly this time last year we were freezing and knee deep in snow

A German named farm in the heart of the West of England