Goat wrestling, an outbreak of Lead poisoning. And eau de Goat

Toggies are lovely goats BUT do have a propensity to get up to mischief , sometimes this is commical  some times just a nuisance. We had a bit of both this weekend some just having fun and One who decided to grapple with me after forcing his way under a fence.

The Wrecking Crew. ( The big Billes ) have decided to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex it would be appropriate to Pee all over their  beards. in the forlorn attempt to draw in the females . So they have not just grown Ginger beards over night. Stinks too. Im tempted  But I cant see it washing with Martina somehow.

 Last years cuttings ( Fruit bushes ) are growing strong and will be real strong for next year , as will the Strawberry runners. and the cuttings of hydrangea that Martina took this week.

Other  stuff is doing just great runners / broad / French beans , But the Grape vines have gone bonkers. and considering they are only 3 years old its incredible , year one they were just cuttings 9 inches high in a pot last year was their first in the greenhouse and produced a  few bunches. This year however is a whole different ball game. Take a look you will see what I mean.

The Crampton Propper is doing what its always done . Well the original tree this is just a cutting. And that is producing apples. It was the bain of my dads life that old tree , over the years he must have wheelbarrowed tons of apples in to the hedge.


Right we are off till next week.

But this time in 2015 we were doing THIS

Bye Bye for Now  M&M

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